Elope on Bribie Island

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Sh!t just got Real

Yep, that's right...you CAN get married without all the fuss and bother!  Is it all getting too hard to organise? Expenses weighing you down?, family making it hard to have the day you want?? Then Shelley and Brooke are the gals you need to talk to....

Who are we...

Two experienced wedding professionals who love helping couples have their perfect day.  We first met when Shelley was Brookes celebrant in 2016.  Since then, we've worked together multiple times and both share the same vision for peoples wedding days and formed not only a friendship, but a solid and respectful working relationship.

As experienced and popular wedding professionals we have over 300 weddings between us and we pride ourselves on providing a professional, easy and personalised experience.  We'll deliver a value for money package, real life advice and inspiration to create the perfect elopement.  And we reckon you'll end up calling us 'friend' too. 

Our goal...

We want to help you marry the love of your life without all the bells and whistles that can get in the way of having your day, your way.  We want to help you celebrate your unique love story in a way that honours you both as individuals without any pressure, ensuring your story is told just how you want it.

Why Bribie...

Beautiful Bribie Island is accessible by bridge and is about 65km from the centre of Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast.  Surrounded by natural island beauty, sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and stunning National Parks, Bribie really is the perfect spot to elope.  Beach, forest, city chic and laid back with styles and locations to suit every budget and every taste.  There are so many options for ceremony and reception venues.  Once you're over the bridge there is an instant vibe change, and when you see Bribies famously spectacular sunsets, you'll never want to leave.  Bribie offers it all.


What is an elopement? we hear you ask...

The dictionary defines an elopement as “to run off secretly to be married” While we are all for this, (What you choose to do is up to you), we believe it has changed in it’s definition. For us, an elopement is something people choose to do, to be married without all the fuss and fancy of a traditional wedding, but with the beauty of a unique or precious place (not just a registry office). It can be just the 2 of you, just the 2 of us, and 1 legal witness. Or, you could bring a small gathering of family and friends along to celebrate and enjoy the day with you.  The beauty of an elopement is that everything is taken care of for you, no stress, stay as long as you like and party as much as you like, or fly off to an overseas destination and tell everyone what you just did, while sipping on cocktails in a spa. haha seeee the possibilities are endless!  Your day, your way x


Keen to book??...

All you need is a personalised legal ceremony, precious photographic memories and of course, the love of your life, to make magic happen.


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